Populate 2010 InfoPath List Form fields exactly from Calendar Event fields?

I'm trying to populate Calendar Event fields exactly to either another list form or to InfoPath Form fields for Class Registration purposes.  I have the Calendar Event box list with a url connected to the InfoPath form.  I've tried everything to get the "Title" field to populate over to the "Title" field in the InfoPath form with the class name from that dated event only.  I've also created a Course Name to see if that would populate due to possible issue with Title field.  I've successfully populated Name, Email, etc. from "GetUserProfileByName", but it won't bring over the current event filled in field from the Calendar event.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks, Bonita

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May 20th, 2015 11:57pm

Thanks very much Dean!

Sorry, I've edited this response a few times since trying 100's of different configs with no luck.  I can't believe that this one little thing is going to mess up the whole solution.  We are having issues with folks not selecting the correct class in the pull down, and then the classes continue to build making a longer and longer pull down.  I'm trying to grab that course title from that calendar event item to copy over to the custom list and then they fill in their info.  The course title, start/end time, and location go with the "Register" link that is in the calendar event form for that course.  I tried to get the online out-of-the-box training solution to work to no avail.

Related to your answer above, I did have an issue with not seeing the matching field in one of my lists, trying "Refresh Fields", and checked that it was checked within the Data Connection in that list, but it would not show as selection in dataFields drop down when adding filter.  I re-created the Custom List and that problem has been resolved.

I can see most of the screenshots above in detail after enlarging, I'm a bit confused on entering CTitle" in Rule Details box in Field and adding "TitleCourse Name in fx Value?  Is that the Title and Course name for the Calendar List?  

Update:  I re-created the list and tried your directions above:  Getting InfoPath Error.  I tried other combinations and failed receiving this error many times: "A filter cannot be applied to the currently selected field.  Select a different field." 

I received this before also when selecting matching fields from two different lists.
This was "Course Name" of Custom List to "Course Name" of Calendar List".

(Tried to upload my own screenshot, but it would not allow until I'm confirmed)

Is it possible that InfoPath can not do this with a calendar event?  Is there something that I need to have turned on i.e. Content Types, etc.  I now removed the InfoPath form and am trying just straight calendar list form/event to custom list form with SP Designer workflows.  So far, no luck. 
Thanks, Bonita

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May 27th, 2015 9:55pm

Hi Dean,

I'm not sure why this list and calendar field will not populate. Is it possible that it won't populate from an "event"? I tried everything you stated above over and over and even in variation with no luck.  Even deleted lists and started over.

Here's what I did (to keep simple on just bringing this one field over):

Created "Registration List" and "Training Calendar"
Created Columns:  "Title" is default in both lists and created "Course Name" in both
 (Also have Pentalogic HTML Calculated column coded to put selection link "Register" on Calendar Event form; when selected, it opens the Registration List form which needs to populate the "Title" and/or "Course Name" from Calendar List item in single event to this newly opened Registration List form)

In InfoPath:
- Created InfoPath form in "Registration List"
- In Data, created Data Connections for "Registration List" and "Training Calendar" as Retrieve data
- On form in Home tab > highlighted "Title" field; select Controls and add "Button" (button inserts below Title field on form)
- With Button highlighted, select "Add Rule", then "When This Button is Checked", and "Set a Fields Value"
- Rule Details box opens, in Field: selected "Training Calendar (Secondary)"; in dataFields selected "Title"
- In Value (fx): selected Insert Field or Group; select Show Advanced View; select in Fields: Training Calendar (Secondary); in dataFields, select "Title"; select Filter Data, select Add, in Specify Filter Conditions: Title is populated from Training Calendar, but select "Course Name" ...is equal to... select Field or Group, select Training Calendar (Secondary), dataFields, "Course Name" and Save/Publish.  Not getting error, but not getting field populated either.  Thanks very much!! Bonita

June 8th, 2015 7:10pm

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