Peoplepicker on one webapplication shows different (less) users then on another webapplication
I have several webapplication on a simple MOSS farm. I have one on http://server:2009 and one on http://server:2008. The share the same ssp. This ssp imports profiles from AD. 2008 shows all users, 2009 shows only a subselection of the accounts.I tried things like stsadm -o -sync -deleteolddatabases 2 (indeed it delete some stuff) then an iisreset (otherwise a error on callback occures)The properties are the same... I am on a simple domain (no forest). I have had so much problems with peoplepicker / audiences. Sander
February 18th, 2010 6:40pm

I found the following:despite of what is mainly blogged, the peoplepicker NOT only queries AD, but also its own content database (USERDATA and DOCS tables). The result, shown in people picker is an inner join of what is found in AD and what is found in the Cont DB. We have one site collection called intranet which holds our new documents. A custom timer job runs daily and if nessecary MOVES any documents which are older then 1 year to another site collection. Depending on the creation date it moves the item to internet:2009 or intranet:2008 or whatever. All sitecollections belong ot the same farm and share an common SSP. We have one domain.The timer job recently failed with an error System.Exception: Error while moving item 'Actueel/2009/02/10/4a7f8792-67f9-4974-8f7b-989cc685473f.pdf' to 'http://intranet:2009/Archief/02/10/4a7f8792-67f9-4974-8f7b-989cc685473f.pdf', copied=False, setmeta=False, deleted=False ---> System.Exception: XXX.Base.Sp.Mover.MoveItem: Error on copy: ---> Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: User allready exists or is not unique. ---> System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x81020054)The user which caused the failure was DISABLED in AD. I found that the user indeed doesnot show up in peoplepicker in 2009, but does show up in 2008, 2007 etc. But if I enable the user, it does also show up in 2009.So how come the user is available in intranet:2008 peoplepicker? Well there you have it, if you register the user in some way in a sitecollection the user gets a record in USERINFO table (and probably userdata, because that is the table peoplepicker queries, but I did not validate that). What is this registration? Anything that registers the user as people/group field. So if you create a simple list with one people/group field and add all AD users, the site collection will show the users for ever, even if they get disabled in AD. I would say even if they get deleted from AD (but again did not validate that). Perhaps somebody can confoirm this behavior?For me this makes things much clearer, I thought I should share....Sander
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February 19th, 2010 2:28pm

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