Page break issue when hiding table
I have two tables for two types of reports. I want to hide one table and displaying othe or display both depending on the user selection works in ssrs 2005.The hide and display seems to work well but I am having issue with a page break. I have used a rectangle and placed tableA into it. I have placed an expression in rectangle visibility property whcih will hide the rectangle containing table1 depending on the user selection. For table1, I inserted a page break at the end. For the second table which is Table2 I have placed it below the rectangle, so that the page break happens after the table1 and table 2 follows in next page. Now the problem I am having is when I want to see only table1, i am getting a blank page at the end when i print it to pdf. When I display both tables or display only the second table I am not getting any blank page. How can I avoid having blank page when I want to display only Table1 to the user.
November 4th, 2011 10:38am

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