Outlook consuming all the CPU time

Outlook is eating 60% and more CPU time when I open certain email folders e.g. Inbox, and it is returning to 3% CPU when I switch to e.g. the Concepts folder. Outlook is not using excessive CPU when in Calender, contracts or Tasks.

It started just a few weeks ago after a regular microsoft patch round. So I wonder if it has something to do with an update for Outlook.

When I open (pop out) a mail and then select the Concepts folder, the high CPU remains.

When I reply to a mail and pop out the reply and then select the Concepts folder CPU returns to normal.

Also when I open an extra .PST file like an archive and I swithc to folders in that file, on some folders CPU consumption is rising to 60% and more and selecting other folders does not increase CPU.

I started a fresh new profile and made only one email account (IMAP) with a few emails in it, but the behavior was the same. So it has nothing to do with the .PST or .OST files, but is looks like a problem of the Outlook program itself.


Toshiba R850 laptop with 8GB mem
Windows 8.1 Pro
Office 2013

May 21st, 2015 3:24am

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