Outlook Prompts for user name and password

I have an issue at my one client, want to troubleshoot this if anyone can advise something.

Whenever there is any disconnection either at HeadOffice(Region1, Pakistan) end or MiddleEast(Region2, MiddleEast) end, users at other site (COMPANYINT.COM) faces outlook prompts, because outlook tries to contact WEBMAIL.COMPANY.COM.PK server which is hosted in Pakistan (COMPANY.COM.PK).

There are AD Domains, Forest Root (COMPANY.INT), Child1 (PK.COMPANY.INT), Child2 (ME.COMPANY.INT). Two Exchange Domains COMPANY.COM.PK and COMPANYINT.COM.

There are multiple sites and domain Controllers, every domain controller is Global Catalog s

May 26th, 2015 4:16am


I am not quite sure about your Exchange environment. There are multiple domains in your forest and two Exchange servers deployed, please confirm which domain users are hosted in Exchange COMPANY.COM.PK and which domain users are hosted in COMPANYNT.COM.

Additionally, please confirm the following points:

1. Whats two Exchange versions?

2. Whether the issue happens to all domain users.

3. Generally, if the Exchange server is down, the Outlook client would prompted for Password and disconnected though the Password is correct.

4. Run the Test E-mail AutoConfiguration tool in client side when the issue occurs to check the autodiscover service which is used for Exchange connections:

Open Outlook - press CTRL key - right click on the Outlook icon from right bottom corner taskbar - Test Email AutoConfiguration. Put your email address - uncheck use guessmart and secure guessmart authentication - click Test to check your Autodiscover service.

5. Share the tool results here with the Log information.


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May 27th, 2015 3:18am

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