OneNote And Sharepoint Issue
I have a SharePoint farm configured over HTTPS using port 434 not 443 as we at the time had another server service using https on 443. I am trying to share OneNote workbooks externally and cannot do this as OneNote comes back with error stating the url or path is invalid... when I try sharing the workbook using http://localservername/documentlibrary/ it works fine but obviously this will not work externally due to the localserver name not public facing... how can I overcome this issue?Ravinder Jamgotre
October 13th, 2010 3:37pm

If the url http://localsername/documentlibraty works and https does not work there can be 2 reasons. 1- you do not have an alternate access mapping for your https address 2- you you don't have a host header header for the address that you are trying to access externally on port 434. If it's the case try to extend and map your http://localservername/ to Https// on port 434. See the section extend web application in this document: SergeSerge
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October 14th, 2010 5:07am

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