Office 365 University Showing Up as Home Premium?

Hello everyone,

I have a couple questions regarding Office 2013 and 365.  I currently have an Office 365 University subscription, since I am a college student.  On my primary computer, I have installed it through the Office website using the "click to run" installer, and continually have problems with it - random crashes in Word, Excel not wanting to open my files, etc.

But I noticed that if you install Office 2013 using the DVD image, it will let you do much easier repair installations, and also update through Windows Update instead of silently in the background.

On my laptop, which I recently re-installed Windows on, I wanted to try a different option.  I was reading that you can sign up for a trial of Office 2013 and then use that DVD image to install it, signing into your Office account in the process.  I did that as a test, selecting only Word and leaving everything else to "not available".

However, when I log in, this is what I see:

Why does it say Home Premium? When I log into my account, it says University!  And it says it isn't installed, meaning I can't activate that installation using my account.

Is there ANY other option I can use to install Office 2013 using my 365 University subscription other than that bug-ridden "click to run" installer that's only 1MB? My Internet connection is not always stable, and I really would like the ability to install the updates when I choose to, not when the installer feels like wasting my bandwidth in the background and not telling me! With 2010, I didn't have to worry about that.

May 21st, 2015 3:25am

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