Office 2013 Uninstall via Software Centre Fails

This is driving me mad. I've been trying to fix this all week and I cannot get Office 2013 to uninstall via Software Centre or an Uninstall Deployment.

The Office 2013 deployment installs the software without a problem. The uninstall program is set as follows...

setup.exe /uninstall ProPlus /config .\ProPlus.WW\Uninstall.xml

I always test the install, then reboot, run the software, reboot then try to uninstall the software. When I try to uninstall Office 2013 it times out. The AppEnforce CCM Log displays the below text.

    Performing detection of app deployment type Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 - Windows Installer (*.msi file)(ScopeId_CEDCAF6B-8FDC-4E31-8428-1F483D4756A6/DeploymentType_5573f7c1-8684-47c4-bdf5-1e4cfbe2b1c1, revision 9) for user.    AppEnforce    20/05/2015 12:50:34    5668 (0x1624)
+++ Discovered application [AppDT Id: ScopeId_CEDCAF6B-8FDC-4E31-8428-1F483D4756A6/DeploymentType_5573f7c1-8684-47c4-bdf5-1e4cfbe2b1c1, Revision: 9]    AppEnforce    20/05/2015 12:50:34    5668 (0x1624)
    App enforcement environment:
    Context: Machine
    Command line: setup.exe /uninstall ProPlus /config .\ProPlus.WW\Uninstall.xml
    Allow user interaction: No
    UI mode: 0
    User token: not null
    Session Id: 1
    Content path: C:\WINDOWS\ccmcache\1v
    Working directory:     AppEnforce    20/05/2015 12:50:34    5668 (0x1624)
    Prepared working directory: C:\WINDOWS\ccmcache\1v    AppEnforce    20/05/2015 12:50:34    5668 (0x1624)
    Prepared command line: "C:\WINDOWS\ccmcache\1v\setup.exe" /uninstall ProPlus /config .\ProPlus.WW\Uninstall.xml    AppEnforce    20/05/2015 12:50:34    5668 (0x1624)
    Post install behavior is BasedOnExitCode    AppEnforce    20/05/2015 12:50:34    5668 (0x1624)
    Waiting for process 1048 to finish.  Timeout = 60 minutes.    AppEnforce    20/05/2015 12:50:34    5668 (0x1624)
Exceeded timeout of 60 minutes while waiting for process 1048 to finish.    AppEnforce    20/05/2015 13:50:34    5668 (0x1624)
WaitForRunningProcess failed.  Error 0x87d00213.    AppEnforce    20/05/2015 13:50:34    5668 (0x1624)
CMsiHandler::CompleteEnforcement failed with 0x87d00213    AppEnforce    20/05/2015 13:50:34    5668 (0x1624)
CAppProvider::CompleteEnforcement failed with error 0x87d00213    AppEnforce    20/05/2015 13:50:34    5668 (0x1624)
++++++ Failed to enforce app. Error 0x87d00213. ++++++    AppEnforce    20/05/2015 13:50:34    5668 (0x1624)

If I try to open a CMD window and run the uninstall command, I get the below error message....

I've tried to move the Uninstall.xml to a lower level folder and run the uninstall command but it still fails with the above error message. I've checked and double-checked the settings and grammar and cannot find anything wrong, it just won't work! The below is the content of the Uninstall.xml for your info.

<Configuration Product=ProPlus>

<Display Level=None CompletionNotice=yes SuppressModal=yes AcceptEula=yes />


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