OSD image download before executing task sequence
Hello everyone, is there a way to download a 5+ GB image to a workstation BEFORE executing my task sequence? Obviously the "Apply OS Image" task downloads the image to a specifc folder on C: but I'm wondering if I can download this package over time (weeks or months) in an attempt to stage it on my remote machines. Note that I do not think the R3 pre-staged feature will accomplish what I'm trying to do. The goal would be to reduce my deployment time for remote machines from 10+ hours to a couple of hours. I understand that I could setup a branch distribution point to reduce the 5+ GB image download times over the LAN instead of the WAN. But I'd like to use BITS to download to the cache and then stage my image. The task sequence would run recognizing the staged image and apply that image.
November 26th, 2010 12:20am

Hi, You could use the R3 prestage I think. Just thinking; Make prestaged media of your 5gig image. Make the Deploy Prestage Media TS Advertise this task Sequence to a collection but set the advertisement start time in the future. The computers will pick up the advertisement, start downloading the content... (you should test this, I'm not sure if it will download the content) When the advertisement start time arrives (or when you change the time so it should start now, the "deploy Prestage Media" TS will start and after the TS you computer will shut down Next time you boot, you can choose the final TS you want to deploy. Give it a try, Jeroen
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November 26th, 2010 4:20am

Prestage is for OEM scenarios where a vendor is providing you hardware with an image on it already. Take a look at this link: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/forums/en-us/configmgrosd/thread/D9C9A811-D55D-4563-B237-1D635D0130A7.Jason | http://myitforum.com/cs2/blogs/jsandys | http://blogs.catapultsystems.com/jsandys/default.aspx | Twitter @JasonSandys
November 26th, 2010 10:42am

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