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Hi, my background is ASP.NET development and I'm looking to write an app or two for our SharePoint 2013 Intranet. I'm struggling in terms of the setting up of the development environment. I think I'll be fine code-wise but the setting up is a nightmare for me.

We have a SharePoint Dev farm, everything is installed on the single server. Our Live Intranet has a front end web server, an application server and a database server. We also has a separate web server which contains ASP.NET applications.

I have created a certificate (.pfx) on the Dev farm and also created an app identifier. I have all the relevant tools installed on my PC for developing these apps but the config is frustrating me.

Can somebody please let me know how the development works in terms of simple config instructions with a sequence? Can I debug from my PC to the Dev server? Should I be deploying an app to the Web server and linking that up with the Dev farm and if so, how?

I understand there's provider-hosted (which I think is my preference) and also SharePoint-hosted apps. I just want to get started on some development but I'm struggling. Please help!

May 26th, 2015 10:55am


According to your description, my understanding is that you want to know the concept of SharePoint app development.

For the first question, you can refer the article to configure the articles below:

Deciding between apps for SharePoint and SharePoint solutions

For the second question, if you are debuging the SharePoint hosted app, you can use Internet Explorer Developer Tools in local to debug the script or CSS style in SharePoint app page.

If you are debuging the Provider hosted app, you can debug the code behind in the hosted server eg: Azure site.

Here are some detailed articles for your reference:

Debugging SharePoint Apps That Are Hosted In Windows Azure Web Sites

About deploying SharePoint app, you can refer:How to: Publish an app for SharePoint by using Visual Studio

Deploying and installing apps for SharePoint: methods and options


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May 26th, 2015 11:21pm

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