Network requirements for ILM / FIM
Hi Gang, Is there a white paper that outlines what the impact of ILM / FIM has on a network? We're looking at this and while there is detail on the system requirements I could not find anything regarding network requirements or suggested bandwidth minimums. Additionally - are there any firewall / port requirements for this to run? Can anyone assist?
October 13th, 2010 8:36pm

I have attached a common recommendation regarding the network configuration taken from “MIIS2003 capacity plan document”. The requirements should remain the same in FIM 2010. From my perspective the most important things are: Use reliable links between data sources and FIM 2010 synchronization engine Take care about the network connectivity & TCP configuration between FIM Portal- & FIM Synchronization Engine-Servers and the SQL instance (if SQL is deployed remotely). Firewall stuff Firewall settings for Management Agent communication you can find here The server that hosts the FIM service must be able to communicate with any kind of client via the ports 5725 and 5726. The FIM portal must be reachable via HTTP/HTTPS If the SQL instance is deployed remotely you must ensure that SQL ports are open between SQL and FIM Sync Engine server and/or FIM Portal server ________________________________________________________________________ Use at least a 100 Mbps local network connection between the MIIS 2003 server and its connected data sources. If you use a remote SQL Server to host the MIIS 2003 database, use at least a 100 Mbps local network connection between the MIIS 2003 server and the SQL Server. The network layer will not be a bottleneck if this requirement is met. If the data source is remote to the physical location and 100 Mbps service is not available, use a reliable link that is no slower than 5 Mbps. Operating MIIS 2003 across a slow link (less than 5 Mbps) is not recommended. However, if your environment makes it necessary to operate MIIS 2003 across a slow link, reliability is the primary concern. Note If the link is unreliable, resolve the unreliability issues before you deploy MIIS 2003. Although the time-outs on the various management agents can be increased, this should not be a workaround for unreliable links. An unreliable link can significantly impact the performance and operational efficiency of MIIS 2003. ________________________________________________________________________ Hope this helps /Matthias /Matthias
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October 14th, 2010 9:43am

Awesome - you rock. Thanks much
October 14th, 2010 3:56pm

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