Need to pass parameter today to calculate year to date metric
I need a bar chat and a tablix to display year to date culmulative using a parameter Pmonth and Pdate to limit to Jan 2011 to today for everyday. I used period to date function with level month and member date in SSMS. But i need help to edit this query for SSRS: WITH MEMBER [Measures].[year to Date Sales] AS Aggregate( PeriodsToDate( [Date].[Calendar].[Month], [Date].[Calendar].CurrentMember ), ([Measures].[Sales Amount]) ) SELECT { ([Measures].[Sales Amount]), ([Measures].[Month to Date Sales]) } ON COLUMNS, {[Date].[Calendar].[Date].Members} ON ROWS FROM [Sales Cube] This query is currently giving me the culmulative for date in all available year but I need parameter that will limit to for example Jan 2002 till 12/31/2002. For example pmonth = jan 2011 and pdate = today e.g 02/27/2011. I need to run this query in SSRS. Thanks BI Developer
February 27th, 2011 5:29am

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