Multiple datasets in a single chart?
Is it possible to incorporate data from 2 datasets into a single chart? For example I have 1 set of data from 1 db which allows me to display datapoint "A" by week. I have a second dataset from another db which allows me to display datapoint "B" by week. I'd like to plot each of these separate datapoints on a single chart with the x axis being week and the y axis being a stacked bar chart incorporating both A and B values as individual data series. Further, assuming this is possible, is it then possible to have 1 series displayed as an area while the 2nd series is a column or line?Thanks in advance!
August 20th, 2005 7:23am

Did you ever find a way to do this? In the middle of a Reporting Services 2005 evaluation and we are trying to reproduce this functionality.
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September 14th, 2005 3:59pm

Sorry this is currently not supported. You would need to join the two result sets already in the dataset query to be able to use it in the same chart. -- Robert
December 8th, 2005 8:42am

Does this work now (2 years later)?
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December 13th, 2007 8:29am

I have a question about this...I have the results in the same dataset. The data is something like DateTime field| Total Field | Project Field 11/20/2008 5 Destiny 11/20/200810 Foo 11/20/200812 Bar I want to graph the data in a Stacked Area Chart where each area is a Project with their corresponding Total counts grouped by the DateTime field. My question is how can you have multiple areas in the chart if they are grouped this way? I have tried using Filters across the entire chart, but that only works when using one Project. If I add addtional values, there is no way to add a clause to differentiate between the projects since I cannot put a simple Where clause using VB say something like this = Fields!Total.Value where Fields!project.Value = "Destiny" for the value. Is this simply not possible?
November 22nd, 2008 2:29am

Does it work in SSRS 2008 ( again 2 Yrs later)? Or MS is just not able to get it to work and we can just lock this thread for ever!!
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March 5th, 2010 12:12pm

I need to know the answer too. Does this work with SSRS 2008? Please answer.
July 8th, 2011 6:43pm

Hi Hognose, Though it is not possible to use two different DATASET in a same chart, but there is way to use the same. Good news is that you can do this in SSRS 2008 R2 not even in SSRS 2008. There is new functon LOOKUP, but what you need is one field common in both dataset. Expression is : =LookUP(field1(from dataset1), field2(from datset2),feild3(from datset2 which need to be used), "Dataset2") it will show all the values for field3 from dataset2 for those field2 of dataset2=field1 of dataset1) Amit Please mark as answer if useful.
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July 9th, 2011 4:24pm

Can you help me? I have the same problem:
February 23rd, 2012 6:39am

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