Multiple Text Box formats but not displaying strings
I have a report which is populated by a crosstab stored procedure. The procedure returns rows of different data types split by days (columns). In order to bring back columns of different types I cast all values to varchar when returning them from the stored procedure. In order to ensure the formatting was applied correctly I put as expression for the data field: =SWITCH(Fields!Description.Value = "Numeric1", CDec(Fields!Day1.Value), Fields!Description.Value = "Numeric2", CDec(Fields!Day1.Value), Fields!Description.Value = "String1", CStr(Fields!Day1.Value)) And for the format code =SWITCH(Fields!Description.Value = "Numeric1", "P1", Fields!Description.Value = "Numeric2t", "F") But while it formats the numeric fields correctly, the string field always displays as #Error' It returns everything as a string fine (returning standard expression with no formatting codes) But as a soon as I try to format the numeric fields I can't see the string. Any help would be appreciated.
November 24th, 2010 8:15am

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