Move site collection to become a subsite of another site collection?
Hi folks, I have two site collections in the same web application - let's call them SC1 and SC2. Both were created using the Collaboration Portal template. What I would like to do is to move SC2 so that it becomes a sub-site of SC1 (I do not want to merge them). The content of SC2 is a number of pages (including new custom layouts in the Master Page Gallery), document libraries and lists (existing and custom lists), as well as a number of Site Columns and Site Content Types that are used by sub-sites - there is a hierarchy of about 20 sub-sites that all need to be copied also. I think all the content in the root site of SC2 could be placed in a "Publishing Site" - i.e. all the other bits of the "Collaboration Portal" have not been used. How do I go about this procedure? I don't think the Content Deployment can be used as it looks like this would merge the contents of source and target Site Collections. Can it be done using the stsadm export and import commands? I've done some reading around the stsadm export and import comments, but need a bit more info. Can the stsadm export command export a site and all its sub-sites, or does it need to be used on a site-by-site basis? I'm going to be having a play on my development VM, so I will check back here and report my findings and see what others are saying... Thanks, Alex
February 17th, 2010 1:38pm

Hi:STSADM command line tool will import\export complete sharepoint web sites not at individual items\list level.So for your query answer is " YES".Cheers,Best Regards, Mukesh Giri Sr.System Executive
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February 17th, 2010 1:46pm

OK, I promised I would report back, so here goes. Using my development VM, I created 2 new site collections in my web application using Central Administration: SC1 and SC2. I created some content in SC2 - new pages, new layouts, new site columns, new site content types, new sub-site, new custom list using new content types etc. I then ran the following stsadm command to export the site collection and all its content (including subsites): stsadm -o export -url http://moss2007-dev/sites/SC2 -filename SC2export -versions 4 I then ran the following command to import the exported data: stsadm -o import -url http://moss2007-dev/sites/SC1/importedSC2 -filename SC2export.cmp Mostly things look OK - the custom site columns, content types, lists, subsites etc. are all there. The biggest problem is the "Page Layout" for all of the Pages (remember, this is a publishing template). The issue is that whenever I try to edit the pages, I got an error about the page layout being invalid. After a quick search, I found the following (extremely useful) web page: I duly installed the stsadm extensions, and ran this command: stsadm -o gl-fixpublishingpagespagelayouturl -url "http://moss2007-dev/sites/test1/importedSC2" -scope web And now the pages are editable - hurrah! Manual steps that I will need to do: Check security is correct (I didn't have much of a security model in place on the original Site Collection - this is an outstanding task anyway!) Upload new/changed page layouts and master pages to SC1 (they end up in a weird place beneath importedSC2 which is wrong) Copy Site Templates to SC1 [and test everything thoroughly!!] So it looks like I can do what I need to do. Hopefully everything will go smoothly when I actually run the same thing in the production environment... :) Alex
February 17th, 2010 8:17pm

Hi:Great and best luck for production environment and thanks i too learnt something new on publishing front ..i.e. stsadm -o gl-fixpublishingpagespagelayouturl -url "http://moss2007-dev/sites/test1/importedSC2.Cheers,Best Regards, Mukesh Giri Sr.System Executive
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February 18th, 2010 9:27am

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