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I'm upgrading from SMS 2003 SP3 to SCCM 2007 and everything was going fine until I started Installing the component monitor. That failed and it just ended the setup. What's strange is I can open the sccm 2007 console and all the components look like they're running. Anyway this is what the component setup log looks like: Install Configuration Manager services (site component manager): CompletedInstall component monitor: FailedInstall SMS executive: In Process...Install database notification monitor: In Process...Install site control manager: In Process...Install hierarchy manager: In Process...Install inbox manager: In Process...Install policy provider: In Process...Install MP control manager: In Process...Install management point: Failed Here's the setup log <11-13-2007 07:45:02> Installation is done and configuring site components are still going.<11-13-2007 07:45:23> Successfully completed monitoring.<11-13-2007 07:45:23> End monitoring - SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER.<11-13-2007 07:45:23> Begin monitoring - SMS_COMPONENT_MONITOR.<11-13-2007 07:45:23> MonitorComponent: failed to initialize COpsMgmtComponent object.<11-13-2007 07:45:23> Failed to complete monitoring.<11-13-2007 07:45:23> End monitoring - SMS_COMPONENT_MONITOR.<11-13-2007 07:45:23> Begin monitoring - SMS Management Point.<11-13-2007 07:45:23> MonitorServerRole: failed to get availability state, error = 0x80070006.<11-13-2007 07:45:23> Failed to complete monitoring.<11-13-2007 07:45:23> End monitoring - SMS Management Point.<11-13-2007 07:45:23> Completed monitoring installation of Configuration Manager services.<11-13-2007 07:45:23> All core services are available.<11-13-2007 07:45:23> Enabling Next button.<11-13-2007 07:45:35> Dumping data to C:\ComponentSetup.log.<11-13-2007 07:45:35> Moving to Finish page. Installation and Configruation processes are done. Has anyone seen this before? I'm a little hazy on what got installed and what didn't. Thanks, Isaac
November 13th, 2007 6:22pm

Setup is actually done, we are just 'watching' the site component manager and executive services boostrap the machine. Setup has no active role after this, essentialy it has handed off to site services. SMS_COMPONENT_MONITOR is a thread of SMS_EXECUTIVE that checks on components, evaluates and reports their state. If that component fails to initialize, it can't report so components it monitor will report as failed. You will want to check the sitecomp.log for detailed information on what happened during component bootstrap operations.
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November 13th, 2007 7:29pm

Was this ever resolved?Mike Crowley: MCT, MCSE, MCTS, MCITP: Enterprise Administrator / Messaging Administrator
February 17th, 2010 8:05pm

hey, i got this problem. i ready to reinstall SCCM2007. but i think u should download all newest patch and try again.
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September 7th, 2010 10:27am

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