Management Server on DC: CER/AEM fileshare error
Hi All, Have SCE 2007 installed on a Win2k3 Ent R2 server, and whilst everything is working fine, there is one alert that keeps coming up. The alert is: AEM Module Network Error Error manager module has encountered a network communication error 'The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.' with erro code 'TrustFailure'.Workflow name: Microsoft.SystenCenter.CM.AEM.Internal.MECollectionInstance Name: \\server.domain.internal\Erro ReportingInstance ID: {B83EE786-74DB-B828-89F5-F6AC78404E0A} Management Group: SERVER_MG Not really knowing what I was doing, I ran the "AEM Microsoft File Share and HHTP Error Listener Creator" health task, which has the following output: AEM Microsoft File Share and HTTP Error Listener CreatorTask Description StatusucceededThis task creates a CER(Corporate Error Reporting) fileshare and HTTP Error Listener.Scheduled Time:04/02/2008 09:42:30Start Time:04/02/2008 09:43:37Submitted ByOMAIN\SteveRun As:Run Location:Target:Target Type:Management ServerCategoryperationsTask Output: < DataItem type =" FileShareValidationResult " time =" 2008-02-04T09:43:44.5370676Z " sourceHealthServiceId =" e02b1d27-5419-a1ce-fc93-9b7e3ed30d1c " > < FileShareValidationInfo Type =" Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Mom.Modules.ClientMonitoring.FileShareValidationInfo " > < LocalSharePath Type =" System.String " > C:\AEMFileShare\ </ LocalSharePath > < SharePath Type =" System.String " > \\server.domain.internal\AEMFileShare </ SharePath > < Success Type =" System.Boolean " > true </ Success > < Message Type =" System.String " > Could not add 'Authenticated Users' to AEMUsers group. Could not add 'Authenticated Users' to AEMUsers group. </ Message > </ FileShareValidationInfo > </ DataItem > This to me say simply that the Error Reporting tool (CER or whatever it's now called) is having problems as it can't add 'Authenticated Users' into the AEMUsers group. The first thing that came to mind was that there are no local groups as the server is a DC - thus the only groups as domain groups not local. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve.
February 4th, 2008 1:05pm

Hi Steve, We are currently investigating this issue and suspect that it may be a bug. I'll update this thread as soon as we get any solutions. Thanks for your cooperation. --------------------Regards,Eric ZhangMicrosoft Online Community Support
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February 5th, 2008 8:33am

Hi Was there any progress with this issue?
June 8th, 2009 4:40pm

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