List view filter not working in some case

We have an InfoPath form which contains a repeating table with a Person picker. This form is saved to a SharePoint document library.

We have created a text field in the document library and mapped this field to the correct node and set the aggregation option to 'merge' so basically all display names of all users in the repeating table should be merged into that text field. This works as expected.

There's an issue however when filtering the list view. When filtering the column when the list contains < 500 items (so it's a 'normal' filter) the filter works as expected. When filtering the column in a large list (so the 'Show Filter Options' link appears) the filter choice shows up, but when filtering there's no result.

When comparing URL's we see the following behavior in the filtering part of the URL:

Normal filter:


Large list filter:


So the URL which is rendered is different between filter modes, and only 1 of them is working normally. Difference is in line breaks, first has only LF's, second is rendering CRLF's.

Are there any workarounds available for this?

May 29th, 2015 9:30am


According to your description, my understanding is that when you filter column in large list, then the filter show the filter option instead of returning results.

In large list, when the list has over 500 items for performance reasons some fields will not display the available values and display "Show Filter Choices" instead.

If you want to filter by field values, you can add ?filer=1 in the url, it wil show all available values for filtering.

Here is a similiar thread for your reference:

Show filter choices link instead of actual values in a list column filter 


Best Regards

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June 1st, 2015 11:03pm

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