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Hi all, We have suddenly noticed very odd piece of behaviour in our MOSS 2007 implementation, it would appear that something is causing all our links to resources on our domain to change from http to https. An example is a link library, our sharepoint url is for example, if a user adds a link to a resource on our public website (not sharepoint) of MOSS seems to be changing the URL to be This happens with every link on the domain. If a user adds a link to the library of then MOSS doesnt change it. Another strange quirk seems to be that the same behaviour is happening to content editor webparts too, any URL is getting changed to https. Has anybody got any suggestions or seen this happen elsewhere?
February 8th, 2010 6:50pm

Hi,Its more look like issue with your public site and not a sharepoint issue. Even though from SharePoint end, just add url in default zone and remove any internal url if added for redirecting the site from http to https.Regards,Yogesh.
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February 9th, 2010 11:58am

Hi Yogesh,Thanks for your reply, however I fear that I may not have described the issue in enough detail.Currently in our AAM we have the following 3 rules setup: - default - https://sharepoint.oursite.com - Internet - https://sharepoint.ourdomain.com - Internet - https://sharepoint.ourdomain.comIf I remove any of these rules the rest of our Sharepoint sites start playing up (images broken, errors trying to change content). I have noticed that where the problem occurs is with links to our non sharepoint public facing website. If someone types in a content editor web part, or a link library, a link to then Sharepoint is changing it to If however I remove the www from the front of the link and make the link then sharepoint doesn't change it. It may be worth mentioning we are publishing our sharepoint site via ISA and are currently in a load balanced architecture.Everything used to be fine, nobody has changed our AAM, but all of a sudden all of these issues have started. It seems to be affecting all our site collections etc since we installed Forefront SP3 although i personally do not think Forefront was the cause.This issue has not affected our test sharepoint server which holds a complete copy of our live content.Please help,Dave
February 9th, 2010 12:41pm

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