Is it possible to use SCCM 2007 R3 w MDT 2010 integration to configure a machine post OS install?
The current situation: We have a working ZTI task sequence in SCCM 2007/MDT to deploy Windows Server 2008 onto HP Proliant DL360 servers. The task sequence configures the raid array, configures iLO, applies the OS, sets up roles and features, and then applies HP firmware updates & PSP. Then installs base apps (AV, SCCM & SCOM client, etc), then installs server apps based on OSDComputerName variable. The entire task sequence takes 1.5-2hours. We are currently going to be doing a hardware refresh on servers with some rather tight maintenance windows ( 3 hours, which is more than enough time if everything goes right, but probably not enough time if there needs to be troubleshooting done ) I would like to break that up into 2 task sequences, the 1st which configures hardware, applies OS stuff and HP firmware, all with some temporary names/IP. Then a 2nd task sequence to reconfigure the name/IP, join domain and install the applications. I've already started on working on the task sequences but before I get too heavy into this, I want to know if this is even possible. I know it looks possible with LTI and just MDT 2010 alone, but I can't seem to find any documentation for this to work in SCCM 2007 with ZTI. TIAA
July 12th, 2012 10:24pm

Is this PXE boot? or Stand Alone Media? I haven't done this, so take it for what it is. I would probably try creating a second task sequence on a usb key(Don't have PXE in my environment) that would fire off the remainder of the steps I want to break out. So something like Restart Computer, rename, reboot, join to domain, configure IP, install applications. If you are using PXE, or even Boot Media, you may want to look at the following article about Unprovisioned Computers. Again this is where I would probably start. What you are describing sounds a lot like how Pre-Staged Media works. So I would think that this is totally doable. My concern that I would have with what you have outlined is not renaming the computer prior to setting up the OS Roles and Features. For me renaming a server is a dirty phrase.
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July 13th, 2012 11:00am

Its PXE boot. R3's Pre-staged media wouldn't do what I need in this scenario but there were some task sequence templates and scripts included with MDT2010 that did. Quoted from ------------ The old ConfigMgr 2007 SP2 with/without R2 OEM Preload (MDT 2010) scenario Since ConfigMgr 2007 SP2 with/without R2 did not have native support for OEM Preload, the MDT 2010 team came up with two Task Sequence templates that added that support. The first Task Sequence template - Preload OEM Task Sequence (Pre-OEM) is used to set up the disk image. Shorthand story is that the task sequence partitions the drive, applies the OS image, and then stores the task sequence variables values so they can be restored later by the second task sequence. The second task sequence template - Preload OEM Task Sequence (Post-OEM) - so that the second task sequence can work, recognizing whats already on the drive. ------------ So basically my 1st task sequence, configured the array, deployed OS, ran HP firmware DVD, then executed the "ZTIoem.wsf /preoem" script. My 2nd task sequence starts with the basic stuff, gather, toolkit, then "ZTIoem.wsf /postoem" and it can continue with the rest of configuration. I do have to modify the MDT database entry between the 1st & 2nd task sequence with the correct IP/hostname, but so far everything is working.
July 17th, 2012 2:49pm

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