Infopath form library calculated columns missing their values after publishing form
Hi All, Initially i have created Infopath form and it has 10 data connections all the data connections are configured to sharepoint list directly and Published to Dev. The same form i have published in QA both the form libraries has some calculated columns. later i have published the same form to dev and after clicking on Publish button it was giving an error "Updating library or list failed". To over come the above error i went back and modified all the columns and from the site Columns group dropdown list i have selected This doucment library Option and proceed with other columns too. Now the form was successfully published. I have opened the form library and notieced that the calculated columns missing their values some of them are showing as "0" and some of them as #Name?. Even if i have created new calculated column then also the values are same. The form library consist of 17000 forms and my client wants those calculated column values. Can some one help me on this? Thanks in Advance. Mohammed
February 25th, 2011 5:00am

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