Importing a query from an .mdx file - Support (SSRS 2008)
I'm writing an MDX query which would be used as the main dataset. The issue that I'm facing is that the query is really big because of it's nature of members and requirement and Reporting Services doesn't support the number of characters that I'm using. So I saw this Import button and imported the MDX query. However I don't get the list of members in the fileds section which I can use in the Report Textbox. I was reading and it says that "Importing a query from an .mdx file is not supported".... My question is would it every be supported? Is there a workaround for what I'm trying above? I would appreicate any help on the same. Thank you!
October 26th, 2010 2:00am

Hi, I would create attribute in cube with separated keycolumn and namecolumn, so I will not hit the limitation. Anyway, back to your issue, could you try to create the SSAS datasouce with OLE DB provider, and then try it again? If the issue still cannot be solved, you may need to consider create a linked server and to query cube and then you can use Stored Procedure. Hope this helps, RaymondRaymond Li - MSFT
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October 27th, 2010 8:03am

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