How to setup sharepoint site to recieve incoming e-mail from Gmail ?
That is going to be a huge challenge as you would have to have gmail route certain email addresses to your smtp server. The only way for that mail to be routed to you would be to have a "sub-domain" of your current production domain or a new domain wher eyou could set an MX record to point to the SharePoint WFE's. So, decision need to be made by your company as to the mail domain that will be used to deliver SharePoint email to. For instance, your company might have the url for your email be: When this was originally set up, a system administrator would have needed to add a DNS entry called an MX Record so that email servers on the internet would know WHERE to deliver messages destined for your company. In the same way, an MX record will need to be created so that email servers will know where to deliver SharePoint mail. For instance, you might use as the domain for SharePoint email. The MX record will need to have the IP Address to the SharePoint server which will accept incoming email.I hope this helps and answers your question-Jeff DeVerter, MCSERackspaceblog:
February 2nd, 2010 5:24pm

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