How to plan share point 2013 topology to deploy a  internet based share point web application ?


i want to deploy a  internet based share point web application and  it has below statistics

Total Number of Search Queries : 1928

Total Number of Daily Unique Visitors: 800

No of page views per daily : 3334

How i design the topology and how i use new stream lined topology?

1 ) My requirements is - i want to allocate dedicated search server -- which search component should i run in this server?

  • i want to allocate dedicated application server for Performance point and excel services ( we have heavy use off SSAS data sources to build BI dashboards)

2) I want to add two Web Servers for web application -- and planned for F5 Load balance 

 in this which services should i run ?

can i run the request management and distributed cache services and share point foundation web application service in these two servers?

If i use f5 load balance is also request management service is should be run in WFE servers or no need ?

-- for other Search services query processing should i run in WFE server? or can i run all search components in one dedicated search server?

May 16th, 2015 8:20am

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