How to pass value from textbox as a parameter to the SSRS report
Hi John, I also heard about URL access parameters, can we use that here? because again I will have to create one more win form between Form 1 and Form 2, and this new win form will have another parameter called @Region and I will also need to pass that parameter as well along with @Year, to the SSRS report. So my application flow will look like below:- WinForm1: Textbox (Year) , and button "Next" , which will re-direct to below WinForm2: which has checkedListBox (i.e. multiple select for the Region) and button "RunReport", which will finally re-direct to below WinForm3: which has one reportviewer control, that will display the report from R2 server; and this report should be fetching values of the parameters from WinForm1(@Year) and WinForm2(@Region), and it should display report accordingly making sure user don't have to enter values again for the Year and Region prompts. Hope the question is clear.
February 18th, 2011 7:23pm

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