How to mange broken links to SharePoint sites when moving SharePoint sites to a different server?
We are preparing our current SharePoint Services 3.0 servers to be upgraded to SharePoint 2010. In the process, we will retire and migrate some of the old servers. This means that some of the URL’s that users are using for these old SharePoint sites will change to the new ones. New SharePoint servers would have different names from the old ones. We have about 120 users, but hundreds of short cuts, links on web pages, favorites, and the like that will no longer work. Can somebody offer some advice on how to handle this and avoid frustrate users with broken links?Project Manager
April 15th, 2010 11:56pm

First off, many of the links within SharePoint will automatically update if the links are managed by SharePoint. For example, links to a Document Library when the configuration is set to show the library in the QuickLaunch menu.Any items manually added to the QuickLaunch will need to be modified since the absolute path (http://servername/sites/site/page) is saved.If the old server or addresses will still be in place, it is possible to add a redirect to the page or configure it in the web server configuration. That will send everyone to the new server. I have done this when relocating sites from one area to another or from one server to another.SharePoint MVP | Developer | Administrator | Speaker-- Twitter -- Blog -
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April 16th, 2010 12:07am

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