How to get office docs metadata to populate sharepoint doc library
I am trying to get some of the Word properties to automatically populate into a Sharepoint MOSS 2007 doc library when users add a document. I don't want them to see the data or be prompted for it. I am pretty sure this is doable. I can get some of the email properties to auto-populate when the correct content type is selected. IIt is fine if the user selects a content type and then the data from the document, if it exists, is populated into the SP library. Is there documentation on this anywhere? Are there xml fiels, mappings I need to edit? I'd like to do this for Outlook emails as wel as other office docuemnt types, xls, ppt, etc. Thanks.
April 13th, 2010 10:42pm

I personally do not know of a way without writing code. This could be done by writing an event receiver to populate the properties when you are adding the event. Shannon Bray - MCT, MCPD, MCTS, MCITP Blog User Group Site:
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April 15th, 2010 3:43am

You can mark fields as "Do show on New / Update forms" so the fields will not be displayed when users will add documents into SharePoint. I do not know how to do it using GUI but it could be done programmatically. We have a product that can do it ( We have 15 days trial which maybe enough for you to set these properties. When you disable these fields from "create new document form" users will not see them when they add documents to the library but SharePoint will get the properties from the documents and assign them to library fields (this is how integration between SharePoint and MS Office works). If you do not have any document properties then you can use field default values that will be assigned to the fields. Coincidentally, we have the other product called MetaVis Folders that allows you to specify field values on the folder level so they will be assigned to all documents that come to this folder - you can take a look at this too because it will give you more flexibility with folder based default values.
April 15th, 2010 6:16pm

By default OOTB on upload when a site column matches a meta data property name of a document (document properties defaults for Word 2007: Author, Title, Subject, Keywords, Category, Status, Comments), if the properties have values (meta data property value) then the values will be promoted to the site column of the same name. When opening a document where the information has been entered in SharePoint then the values are demoted into the properties of the document. There can be issues with office versions earlier than 2007 in that docs with site column values may not be demoted properly from SharePoint to the document and cause a loss of meta data when saved back to SharePoint.. Cheers, -Ivan Ivan Sanders My LinkedIn Profile, My Blog, @iasanders.
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April 18th, 2010 12:03pm

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