How to enforce Microsoft Exchange 2010 email account policies in Windows 10 TP - Build 10122?

Whenever I add my Exchange 2010 email account to the Mail app in Windows 10 TP (build 10122) I get this dialog box, over and over.


I click Enforce Policies but it still asks.

I disconnected my account from my Microsoft account (making it a local account) and clicked Enforce Policies again but it is still the same. 

I tried making a brand new local account, adding the email account again from scratch, same thing.

So I am trying now to add the same Exchange email account via Outlook 2013.  I believe the details are not correct and I get this and I want to edit the account details I entered but I do not know how?



How do I solve the first issue about Outlook needing to be online or connected?  My laptop has a working wifi connection.

Where do I find Mail in Control Panel to edit my Outlook 2013 email profile and fix this issue?

Has anyone managed to successfully link an Exchange email account in Windows 10 TP?  I am running the latest Windows 10 TP version, build 10122.  If I can solve this I will be very happy.  It is the only issue I have with Windows 10 currently.

Many thanks.


May 26th, 2015 5:30am

Hi ianwuk,

I have the same issue when adding the exchange account using the built-in Mail Apps.

For the outlook accoutn issue, you may take a look at the KB article below:

Outlook: Unable to perform a Check Name or connect to an Exchange mailbox

And regarding the Mail under Control Panel, it seems that the mail is removed under Windows 10 Control Panel.


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May 27th, 2015 3:15am

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