How to create an alert view with NOT INCLUDING SQL alerts only from limited SQL Database Servers (OS related alerts to be displayed for these DB servers)?
Hi, I want to create a view with all the alerts only by EXCLUDING "SQL alerts for limited servers" (Note: OS related alerts to be displayed for these DB servers on the view). After going through below forum, I got an idea to create a group for limited SQL Servers based on "SQL DB Engine" and then exclude this particular group on another New Group named "ALL excluding Few SQL Servers" including all the other groups exists in my environment. Questions: 1. Is using "SQL DB Engine" is enough to have all SQL related alerts. Because I could see many SQL related components in SCOM while creating Group like below. Please help me to select Correct Group.  2. After creating a VIEW by using New Group ("ALL excluding Few SQL Servers"), will that exclude SQL alerts for limited servers here? I doubt because, basic SQL groups like (SQL Role, SQL Component, SQL DB, SQL DB Engine, etc.,) are already included on "ALL excluding Few SQL Servers". So, Will they still include SQL alerts for limited servers in this view? Please help me to achieve this requirement. Thanks, SureshRegards, Suresh
April 24th, 2012 4:04pm

Hi, You can exclide Objects from a group.. So I think you have to create a group (i.e. My All Windows Computers) to include all Windows Computers objects, then exclude the SQL DB Engines, and any related SQL Components you don't want to see their alerts.. but as objects not as a group members.. Hope this helps..Regards, Mazen Ahmed
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May 3rd, 2012 8:25am

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