How to add Win32_DiskDrive's serialnumber to the hardware inventory?
I'd like to scan Serialnumber of hard drives with SCCM but from the client settings -> hw inventory there's no such selection at all... How can I enable this?
February 13th, 2013 12:47pm

You will need to create a .mof file which contains the definitions needed for the client to include that WMI class within Hardware Inventory.  When you have the necessary .mof file, you then use the Client Settings > HW Inventory > Classes > Import wizard to add to the list.  There is a lot of information already out there on extending Configuration Manager inventory to create your .mof file.
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February 13th, 2013 5:11pm

The reason for this omission (because the Win32_DiskDrive class does contain a serialnumber field) is that the serial number field is new for Windows Vista and above. I haven't tried editing one of the default classes in 2012 because the MOF isn't directly accessible, but I would think that exporting out the MOF, adding the field to the class in the MOF and then just importing back in the class as a custom MOF should work.
February 13th, 2013 10:57pm

How about Win32_PhysicalMedia class? I noticed that it also contains serialnumber but that differs from the one that's located in the Win32_DiskDrive?
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February 14th, 2013 3:34pm

 Good morning,

    You don't actually need to import any .mof files - in order to do this go to Administration -> Client Settings -> Default Client Settings -> Hardware Inventory -> Set Classes ... -> Add...  -> Connect... Over there ensure to tick "Recursive" field and click on Connect, it will list all of WMi classes from your workstation. In the "Inventory classes:" search field type in Win32_PhysicalMedia select this class and click "OK". There you go WMI class is available for you under Hardware Inventory Classes. Now depending on what do you want to do you can:

1. Leave whole class marked in "Default Client Settings" - SCCM will discover whole subset of attributes on all of the client machines

2. Unmark everything and leave only SerialNumber and Tag marked - SCCM will discover these two attributes on all of the client machines

3. Unmark everything, create Custom Client Device Settings, mark those classes over there and deploy the settings only into some collection, for which we want to gather this information. New WMi class will be available to chose over there as well

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November 12th, 2013 6:10pm

I'm glad I found your post Dariusz. I've been searching for this information for days and was about to start messing around with custom mof files and mofcomp. I was so close. I was just missing the Recursive check box. Thanks!
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January 27th, 2014 11:22am

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