How to Scan Documents and Images into SharePoint
Install: WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007We have a business need to scan documents and images directly into SharePoint. I would love some feedback on what our options are ... programming, 3rd party plug-ins, etc ... Thanks in advance!
November 8th, 2007 6:54pm

Hello: I'm not sure if it's okay to drop my products or not on these forums, but we have software that can do exactly what you are asking for. Our web site should have all the information you need or we can speak direclty if you'd like. Our scanning software can use just about any scanner available and send the images as TIFF, PDF, XPS, JPG etc directly to SharePoint.You can download a trial directly from our web site as well and purchase form there as well, although I would recommend speaking with us directly so we can help you build the right solution. My blog also has a lot information about our products and ECM.... Regards, Chris Caplinger KnowledgeLake, Inc.
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November 8th, 2007 8:27pm

Hi Chris, Do you have any solution that can be converted graphic files such as (autocad, gif, tif) into pdf format and then automate batch upload into sharepoint 2007. Thanks Regards Simon Lui
November 16th, 2007 5:32am

Legal professionals, health professionals, public servants and others are benefiting from the combination of Microsofts SharePoint products and Dark Blue Ducks Scanning Enabler. Large organizations are using the Scanning Enabler with MOSS to extend their Enterprise Content Management and search capabilities. Small companies are using the Scanning Enabler to address challenges they face when swamped by incoming paperwork (especially when the business is geographically distributed). With seamless integration to SharePoint, Microsoft Office OCR, SharePoint Indexing and Scanner Sharing included we believe that the product is worth considering. Please let us know what we can to enhance the Scanning Enabler to meet your individual needs. Kind regards Dark Blue Duck
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March 22nd, 2008 1:07pm

Hi Why not try using Callisto Managed Scan which allows you to scan directly into Sharepoint from your MFD. Has a dynamic interface which displays document libaries in Sharepoint and then asks the user to enter metadata at point of scan. Contact Business IT systems via email for more info.
June 16th, 2008 9:15pm

I have dedicated a BLOG to the subject. There are some really cool apps out there for scanning paper, and loading into sharepoint:
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August 18th, 2008 1:50am

There are many 3rd party products and options available. The important thing is to analyze your needs, review your situation and environment and find the solution that suits your needs best at the lowest cost (if that is an issue). Marshall Berg, CDIA+ (402)206-4527
May 5th, 2010 9:56pm

SharePointSalesGuy. It is not helpful for you to propose your own posts as answers. Propose the good answers of other people. Wait for someone else to propose your posts. (Moderator)FAQ sites: (SP 2010); (v3) and (WSS 2.0) Complete Book Lists (incl. foreign language) on each site.
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May 6th, 2010 6:00am

Most of the new scanners comes with a direct upload to sharepoint option. This is what I can recommend. Trial versions available for both. Kofax Express - Kofax Desktop - Below are two blog posts I have written on this Hendahewa
May 7th, 2010 11:39am

So, I think the solution comes down to answering one question: "Do you want a scanning application or a capture application?" A scanning app will give you the ability to simply convert paper to digital form, and are great for onsie-twosie scanning. If you want to focus on automation and efficiency, you need capture functionality: OCR, barcoding, separation, advanced data extraction, DB lookups, etc. Hardware app bundles are typically basic scanning apps, and are lacking in advanced features that can really give you some bang for your buck. Try PSI:Capture for the best of both worlds.
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May 12th, 2010 6:24pm

As mentioned in earlier posts, you need to determine if you are building scan, store & retrieve kind of applications on Sharepoint or building Document Capture applications. Document Capture involves scanning and other things like Document Classification, Bar Code reading, OCR, Document type conversion, associating metadata / tagging to the documents for easier retrieval etc. We have recently released a Document Capture product called Introspeqt InstaCapture that scans and captures documents into Sharepoint. This product also works with Sharepoint 2010. Please refer to our web site for more details. -Srikant
May 21st, 2010 12:01pm

If just scanning & uploading those documents to a SharePoint Library is you goal and OCR, Document Conversion, Meta tagging etc does not count. What you can do is use WSUploadService - Web Service for uploading documents into SharePoint A guide on how to use it After setting up WSUploadService you can set a common folder for both WSUploadService from where it will pickup the files and automatically upload new files as and when they come to a pre-defined Document library, also the folder will be where your scan documents will land by default after scanning. Also if you can check your scanner if it supports emailing files after scanning the documents, you can mail enable a document library and whenever one scans a document the scanner will email it to the SharePoint document library. Hope that helps. -Mukesh
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May 21st, 2010 12:40pm

The best thing is to through away the new stuff and use Microsoft Document imaging on Windows XP and use SharePoint 2003. This is the perfect solution for it. Some not very clever product managers must have decided to not continue these capabilities at all. Why was this solution the smartest ever? Id did the OCR after scanning on the desktop not using any SharePoint server resources and stored the ocr result into the metadata of the file. With this the search result was always predictable and available very short after upload. With discontinuint this Microsoft forced us (large 100000 employees company) to still maintain office environments and SharePoint on this old level. Nobody at Microsoft so far could explain what the decision criteria was and what they suggest to do these days. Totally on the wron way! RolfIT Architect
November 22nd, 2010 4:03pm

Hi Scanguru, I have just found your entry and I know it was posted 2-3 years ago but maybe the following current cloud based solution can be interesting for SharePoint users that work with MFP's. ( , ) Scanning directly to SharePoint (and SharePoint Online) without the need to install software on the MFP (activation through a weblink on the MFP). Regards, ConstanzeCheers, Constanze
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February 15th, 2011 10:04am

Hi ... i have tried which is free tool , works with sharepoint 2010, never had a chance to try on moss or wss 3.0. hope this helps Cheers VJ
February 15th, 2011 6:21pm

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