How much space required in SQL server if we need to restore 100GB.  is it 100GB or 200GB?? i.e. Double the size of the backup?

Hi, I have query about space/size requirements in SQL servers. Assume i have a .bak file ( back up of site collection) of 100GB size and my SQL server has 130GB space.  Is this 130GB space in SQL would enough to restore 100GB of sitecollection backup ? Does it require twotimes more than backupsize  of space in SQL to restore??  ie 200GB required ? Can you please clarify.

Is 130GB space in SQL would enough since my .bak file is 100GB   ( My backup .bak is in another location ).


is 200GB space required in SQL since my .bak file is 100GB Please clarify.

July 27th, 2015 4:25am

Hi Cnivass,

The .bak file is about the size of the actual data in the database, but when you restore the database, it will also include the database files, such as log files.

And it depends on size of the database metadata files and the actual data that how much space you need to restore a database.

So I am not sure if 200GB is enough for you as the size of the database metadata files is not clear.

You can shrink the database before backup and it will need less space.

More references:



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July 27th, 2015 11:14pm

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