How does Rating and Review feature work in SharePoint 2013?


Am new to SharePoint, and am working on contoso demo site. I want to know how Rating and Review work in SharePoint (for each product).

for ex:

In the publishing site, all the products are displayed from the catalog site. I want to know how can i rate or review the product in publishing site.

I want to know the flow how it actually works.

When i google it, i got so many links in adding rating for a list or library by enabling the Rating setting. I don't actually need that.

I need the rating and review to be submitted for each product from publishing site. How can it be achieved? Is there any OOTB feature in SharePoint or we have to customize it.

Thanks in ad

January 17th, 2014 2:19am

for rating . you need to enable rating from List options and choose if it's going to be 5 star or like 

to add like button to each page in a publishing site you can use the below script 

function LikePage() { var aContextObject = new SP.ClientContext.get_current(); EnsureScriptFunc('reputation.js', 'Microsoft.Office.Server.ReputationModel.Reputation', function () { Microsoft.Office.Server.ReputationModel. Reputation.setLike(aContextObject, _spPageContextInfo.pageListId, _spPageContextInfo.pageItemId;, true); aContextObject.executeQueryAsync( function () { alert('you liked the page');

//here you can update the likes count of the page }, function (sender, args) { }); }); }

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January 17th, 2014 5:22am

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