How do I generate performance metrics for a single page?
The front page of our intranet is taking about 3-4 seconds to load after the first run which can take up to 10 seconds. I created default_dev.aspx and removed all the webparts. The page then loaded in < .5 seconds. Based on this, I'm assuming that there are issues with some of the webparts I have in the page. I'm looking for a tool that will help me to break down the different jobs that are being run on the server side so I can get metrics on what the performance cost is for each webpart.I'm doing this as well as looking at Aptimize and other ways to increase performance..Thanks for any help,Russell
February 13th, 2010 10:48pm

What is different between these two pages? Do they have the same web parts? Check to see if you have a lot of "Closed" web parts. (I have seen slow pages that had dozens!) Site Actions, Edit Page, Add a web part, then click "Advanced Web Part gallery and options " in the bottom right. Click the Closed Web Parts link. If you have closed web parts, you have do first drag them to a web part zone, then click Edit, Delete in the web part. To find what is slowing down you an also turn on page tracing in the web.config. You either want to do this "server only" (localOnly) or when no one is using the system. Mike Smith
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February 14th, 2010 12:56am

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