Hosted Network Connected Devices Can't Access the Internet
I had issues getting my hosted network to start for months. Now, it starts just fine and my Samsung Smartphone shows connected when I turn on the phone's WiFi. BBM even says 'connected' in the status bar. But, I can't access the net. Browsers don't load pages at all, BBM and whatsapp messages are not sent. When I checked WiFi network connection properties from the phone, signal is 'very strong', speed is about 54Mbps. DHCP was initially disabled. After, I enabled it, the phone didn't connect at all. Stuck on 'getting IP address'. Network troubleshooter says 'local area connection 12 has no valid IP address'. The local area connection 12 is the connection that uses Microsoft Virtual Wireless Adapter. 
November 9th, 2014 6:44am

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