High Disk Utilization on client workstation with BITS / SCCM Client
This problem just started happening in a well established SCCM environment. The problem seems to be particularly affecting laptop computers that have slower hard drives compared to the desktop models also in the environment. Workstations are Windows XP. Many of the client workstations just started showing high disk utilization (the drive light is on constantly and the machine is extremely slow to respond). CPU utilization and network utilization are low. We've narrowed it down to something that the SCCM Client is doing on the workstation. If we stop the SCCM Client service on the workstation the problem goes away eventually. If we stop the SCCM Client service AND stop the BITS service the problem goes away more quickly and the disk utilization returns to normal. If we just restart BITS (but don't restart the SCCM client service) the drive utilization remains normal. Once we start the SCCM client service again the drive utilization spikes up again and the machine is unusable. We've tried using the command "BITSADMIN /list /allusers" to see the current BITS activity (there were 843 jobs in the queue last time we checked). This works when the disk utilization isn't spiked, but when the disk utilization is spiked we get no response from the BITSADMIN commands since that service seems to be too busy to respond to the BITSADMIN commands. We've also generated the BITS.LOG file, but that appears to be in an unreadable binary format. Any suggestions about further troubleshooting this problem? Thanks.Matthew Evans Kraft & Kennedy, Inc. 360 Lexington Ave. New York, NY 10017 Direct: 212.692.5608 email: evans@kraftkennedy.com
October 22nd, 2010 10:37pm

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