Handling multiple domains with same netbios name
It seems that FIM only likes the domain to be the short netbios format, not fqdn.How then should multiple domains with different FQDNs but the same netbios name be handled?FQDN finance.megacorpusa.com NETBIOS financeFQDN finance.megacorpasiapac.com NETBIOS financeIn this caseone of the domainsis in a separate forest without a trust to FIM,so the accounts couldn't be used to access portal.Therefore I'm assuming the easiest way is to append/prepend a constant text to thenetbios domain name of the untrusted domain?FQDN finance.megacorpusa.com NETBIOS finance FIM Domain financeFQDN finance.megacorpasiapac.com NETBIOS finance FIM Domain apfinance
September 18th, 2009 1:25am

If you have multiple domains with the same NetBIOS name, you actually have an infrastructure problem, which should be fixed, first :o)Cheers,MarkusMarkus Vilcinskas, Technical Content Developer, Microsoft Corporation
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September 19th, 2009 2:51am

What's the problem with identical NetBIOS names if you only use DNS for name resolution (No WINS, no NetBT) and they're non-trusted forests not in the same broadcast network, with different DNS suffixes? This works for everyothercomponent of our infrastructure, except FIM?I also have to ask, since DNS is the name resolution of choice since Windows 2000, why FIM uses only NetBIOS name and not FQDN??
September 20th, 2009 10:58pm

I've just looked at your inital post again and noticed that you have the same NetBIOS name in separate forests - I missed that part...The answer for FIM is simple; RC0is not suited tohandle this scenario.However, there is no need to worry about this since the dependicy on the NetBIOS name will be removed moving forward.One issue I would "read" into to your setup (without knowing anything about the details...) is thatyou areusing domains to reflect organizational structures ("finance").Domains should be used to segment replication boundaries and it is hard to imagine that your finance department isEurope and yourHR department is inAsia.So, I would still suspect a problem withthe infrastructure setup...Cheers,MarkusMarkus Vilcinskas, Technical Content Developer, Microsoft Corporation
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September 21st, 2009 2:42pm

Thanks Markus.Actually the scenario is for a test environment - it's notan organisation or geographic split.It is both a replication and security boundary.To make everything seem the same as production from a UAT tester's perspectivewe use the same NETBIOS name.Iagree the fictional example I used wouldn't make a lot of sense.Cheers, Graham
September 24th, 2009 8:31am

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