HELP!!!! - Report parameter "Read Only"
I'm stuck with a report not being able to use the URL parameter. I get the error: The report parameter is read-only and cannot be modified. I do have a prompting text for the report, and I've checked the XML and there are <PROMPT></PROMPT> tags!
August 1st, 2005 4:19pm

Most likely, you've modified the parameter definition in Report Manager to make it read-only. If you are using SQL 2005, this can happen when you mark it in the designer as 'Internal'.
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October 9th, 2005 4:35am

I just dealt with a similar problem (working in RS2000) and no matter what I tried, I couldn't get the error to go away. I tried removing the parameter and re-adding it manually. I tried removing the procedure that required the parameter, re-deploying, and then adding the procedure (and thus the parameter) back in. That still didn't work. This is what I finally did: 1) Removed the parameter from the procedure (commented out the param and any references to it in the sp) 2) Refresh the dataset (to remove the parameter). Ensured the parameter was removed from the report. 3) Re-deployed the report (without the offending parameter). It worked. 4) Went back to the sp and uncommented out the parameter and all references to it 5) Refreshed the dataset (to add the parameter back into the report). 6) Re-deployed. It worked and now accepted the parameter. I can only surmise that RS had some former reference to the parameter that indicated it was read only, and any re-deployment that I did didn't overwrite that reference. Only by completely removing the parameter, re-deploying, and adding the parameter back in did this issue go away. I hope this helps someone out there.
November 1st, 2006 4:17pm

I got the same problem with VS2005. One time paremeter was checked as "Not Prompt user". After that I changed, deleted and recreated parameter, redeploys report to report server but recived the same error "Report parameter Read Only". Its helped a manualy chnage property of report parameter direct on report server using Report Manager( check on "Propmpt User" property of required parameter). Redeploy of report from VS don't cause changes of report properties on server.
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May 7th, 2007 10:57am

What I did was in the Report Manager, in the properties of the actual report, I checked 'hidden'. Then I was able to pass the parameter from the report viewer to the report without the read-only error. That was the solution for me.
July 30th, 2012 10:43am

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