Gobi 2000 - Windows 7 driver not installed
Hello, we have a problem with Gobi2000 miniPCI card on Thinkpad T510i, Windows 7/64 bit. It worked couple of years ok, then it just disappeared from Devices list and was not able to be used any more. Some efforts for recovery has been done by investigating postings of similar issues without success yet and the abstract of the actions done so far is described below 1. Driver installations a) Gobi2000 Driver + BootCode - 7xwc48ww.exe (Gobi driver) --> Gobi2000 driver not successfully installed --> Device Manager -> Other devices -> Qualcomm Gobi has yellow exclamation mark -> "No driver for device" b) 7xwd11ww.exe (Gobi bootcode) --> bootcode installation not successfully installed --> Error message "System configured for Lenovo. Unable to locate device. Download failed. Press any key to continue..." c) Device is discovered by Windows but driver is not successfully installed Would there be more different kind of options to execute installation file in Windows/Thinkpad like in this forum post for HP and Gobi2000? That "setup.exe /q Dev1=/q CHECKFORDEVICE=0" didn't work for us :(. 2. Windows status a) Current situation (not ok) -> Device Manager after 7xwc48ww.exe (Gobi driver) execution -> Gobi2000 appears not in Modems, Network Adapters and Universal Serial Bus controllers nodes but appears in Ports node b) Current situation (not ok) -> Device Manager after 7xwc48ww.exe (Gobi driver) uninstallation -> Gobi disappers from Ports node and appears in Other Devices node with exclamation mark due to driver is not successfully installed c) Earlier situation when Gobi2000 worked (ok) -> Gobi2000 appears in Modems, Network Adapters, Ports and Universal Serial Bus controllers nodes I have uninstalled, reinstalled, tried different verions of installation files, logged as real adminstrator, tried different intallation order, updated, all without success yet. Any help would be appreciated to try proceed in this issue! Thanks -kuqi
May 4th, 2012 10:25am

Is this issue related to OSD? From what you are describing, looks like this is not related to OSD and should be posted under a different forum.
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May 4th, 2012 10:53am

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May 4th, 2012 11:56am

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