Giving a user the permissions and access of a previous user
I had an exam question concerning migrating user permissions and access. I'm a little fuzzy on the details unfortunately, but I'll try to ask it to the best of my knowledge.Basically 1 user has access to various things in the Sharepoint environment, including access to sites, pages, libraries, lists, and workflows. For some reason this user needs to be deleted and replaced with another user who needs the exact same permissions and access. This new user also needs to be able to use the previous user's workflows, such as picking up where some workflow processes were left from the first user.This new user also needs to be able to access collaboration documents and have his name replace the name of the first user for any history or changes to these documents.This new user also needs to have his name associated with any metadata in DIC's for infopath forms that the previous owner inputted for old forms.Or something to that effect... Basically this new user needs to access things exactly how the previous user accessed them.Basically it seems (I could be wrong) to go beyond basic user permissions in Sharepoint and/or Active Directory Imports of user permissions.It may even be an stsadm command, I'm not sure.Is anyone aware of a process that may accomplish some (or all) of what I'm referring to here, or perhaps point me in the right direction?Thanks
February 15th, 2010 12:23am

Hi alexgrab, First login as a administrator and add the New user to the site provide him the permissions exactly same as the old user. Now give the access permission to collaboration document libraries,and workflows,infopath form automaticlly works as usual(same way it works previously). In this way we can fix your problemThanks,Srinivas
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February 15th, 2010 10:00am

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