French Keyboard Mapping problem

The French Keyboard is still not mapped correctly, the last release fixed the mapping for Slovenian and Hungarian keyboards, but French mapping is wrong still the first version 8.x making the app not that useful.

May 19th, 2015 4:05am


Thank you for the feedback.

Please help me confirm if it is "mapped incorrectly" or it is "not mapped".

Meanwhile, I know this is far from a solution but a workaround is to change it manually in Windows, or change Mac to English before remote.

I'm also trying to confirm with related team about this issue. 

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May 20th, 2015 3:30am

It is incorrectly mapped, in fact it almost uses the standard 105 touch keyboard French PC mapping without taking in account that a Mac keyboard has some differences, if the developpers had tried to use a real French Mac keyboard I'm sure that they would have it fixed very quickly as, out of the box, this is really not that usable. I also know that I could install the good version of the mapping directly on the server (taking it from bootcamp or from the windows in additions in virtual box or other virtualization software, etc.) but as I do manage a farm of windows servers it is not practicable to do it.

The problem has been here from the first version 8.x, we never had any problems before while using the old version 2.x.

It's pitiful as this version has some really nice enhancements compared to the old one, notably the ability to have all your servers configured for easy access, but how could I use it if I'm not able at all to make those signs : \ | @ or if I have to guess where are these signs each time I want to use them : - = * _ / etc.

The problem has already been discussed here, and for each new version on the Mac App store in the French comments made to the app but nothing has changed... The only workaround being to install a good mapping on the servers themselves...

May 20th, 2015 3:46am

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