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Hello,We have an issue with a SCCM2007SP1 R2 SIte. I have a site server and 3 seperate DP,USMP,PXE service point servers. Due to circumstances one server has crashed physically. In sccm the site systems appears to be still installed. I am unable to remove the site systems with the SCCM cosole. My question was how can I force the deletion of this site system in SCCM ? I can directly modify the sitectrl.ct0 file but I don't think this is supported. I don't think I can use preinst.exe to delete site systems in one site ( I have no child sites ). Any suggestions ? Kind regardsGino D
October 8th, 2009 9:59pm

Hi,you should be able to delete all the site roles on the crashed server in the console. The 2 left should be ConfigMgr component server and ConfigMgr site system. After a couple of hours or sometimes a couple of days the ConfigMgr component server should disappear and you can delete the ConfigMgr site system. To speed this up, restart the server. I also know that someone in this forum recommended to add a new role to a different server just to make a change and after that the console got updated.Regards Ulf Mansson MCT, MCSE
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October 8th, 2009 11:21pm

I had exact same problem, but my server was Branch DP and PXE service point.After it had physically crashed and I couldn't delete its name from the list of Site Systems.Suprisingly it disappeared from from the list of DPs under all the packages.The only entry that I couldn't delete (and still cannot) is the share that is created when PXE role is assigned.I've given up and left it to the ConfigMgr to discover that the sever is gone.Instead, after rebuilding the machine I renamed it, installed ConfigManager client and created a new Site System with the same roles as previously.I'm also looking for any method for force deletion of the old server entry.
February 24th, 2010 11:48pm

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