Flat file Iimport using SSIS not working
Hi, I am trying to import a flat file into a SQL server database and it is not working. The connections to the flat file and the table in my database appear ok (i.e. when I click preview in flat file source and in the OLE DB Destination I see the tables fine). I added a Data Viewer between the flat file source and the OLE DB Destination and I see that in one of the fields, the data is showing as <long text>......not sure what is up with that field. Also, Flat File Source does not "solve" (ie it turns red after I hit the "Start Debugging" button. Any ideas what could be going wrong here? Thanks,
November 22nd, 2012 12:05am

Check the Advanced Tab in the connection manager. One of your columns DataType is likely set to DT_TEXT or DT_NTEXT. If so, set it to something like DT_STR or DT_WSTR with a reasonable OutputColumnWidth. It will also help if your destination data types match.
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November 22nd, 2012 12:37am

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