Failing Connection String Environmental Variable, XML Variable, System Variable (SQL Server) Setup
We attempted to implement the Chapter 2 Framework from the Knight, Vermeen, Moss, Hackney book on SSIS 2008: Problem Design Solution. We see a couple of problem areas (at least) in our interpretation of the guidelines from the book. 1. We are attempting to have one connection string per server: dev/prod 2. We have set up environmental variables per server: dev/prod 3. We have set up XML Package Variables per server: dev/prod 4. We have set up System Variables per server in SQL Server: dev/prod Problem 1: We've had to manually key in the common connection string to all packages on a server environment in the component properties area (control flow; not data flow--ok there) Shouldn't the connection property find the connection that we've instantiated and provide us with a pull down to select it? The components are un-editable after we select the common connection string, but they still run properly in our SQL Server Agent Job. Problem 2: The dev server variable overlays the prod server variable information duringprod component editing We are'nt sure if these problems are related. Here is our package variable: \Package.Variables[User::connMedcDwProd].Properties[Value] Here is our DTSconfig file; we have a few variations of this that we've tried. <?xml version="1.0"?> <DTSConfiguration> <DTSConfigurationHeading> <DTSConfigurationFileInfo GeneratedBy="MEDC\SSIS Team" GeneratedFromPackageName="SSIS_MEDC_Template" GeneratedFromPackageID="{EA3D047E-765D-4A2B-B8C6-0D8AA497B699}" GeneratedDate="9/20/2010 04:00:00 PM"/> </DTSConfigurationHeading> <Configuration ConfiguredType="Property" Path="\Package.Connections[MEDC-SSIS\SSISSQL2008.MedcDwProd.sa1].Properties[ConnectionString]" ValueType="String"> <ConfiguredValue>Data Source=MEDC-SSIS\SSISSQL2008;User ID=sa;Initial Catalog=MedcDwProd;Provider=SQLNCLI10.1;Integrated Security=SSPI;Auto Translate=False;</ConfiguredValue> </Configuration> <Configuration ConfiguredType="Property" Path="\Package.Connections[MEDC-SSIS\SSISSQL2008.MedcDwProd.sa1].Properties[ServerName]" ValueType="String"> <ConfiguredValue>MEDC-SSIS\SSISSQL2008</ConfiguredValue> </Configuration> <Configuration ConfiguredType="Property" Path="\Package.Connections[MEDC-SSIS\SSISSQL2008.MedcDwProd.sa1].Properties[InitialCatalog]" ValueType="String"> <ConfiguredValue>MedcDwProd</ConfiguredValue> </Configuration> </DTSConfiguration> I've validated the SSIS_Configurations table for data similarities in both dev and prod. dev has: CommonConfigurations Data Source=MEDC-SCCM-SQL\SCCMSQL2008;User ID=sa;Initial Catalog=MedcDwDev;Provider=SQLNCLI10.1;Integrated Security=SSPI; \Package.Variables[User::connMedcDwDev].Properties[Value] String Prod has 2, since I've been experimenting with the SSIS_MEDC piece. CommonConfigurations SSIS_MEDC \Package.Connections[SSIS_MEDC].Properties[Name] String ***(Experimental) CommonConfigurations Data Source=MEDC-SSIS\SSISSQL2008;User ID=sa;Initial Catalog=MedcDwProd;Provider=SQLNCLI10.1;Integrated Security=SSPI; \Package.Variables[User::connMedcDwProd].Properties[Value] String Our goal is to make one change per server for the connection strings. Some of this work was manually performed. Anyone want to take a critical look at our framework? Many Regardx, Methody
October 14th, 2010 2:23am

Only one connection string should be in the config file and the config file shoiuld be updated based on where you are running your package on.Arthur My Blog
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November 5th, 2010 11:22pm

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