FIM installation issue (when installing Synchronization service)
Hy all. I have one problem when installing FIM synchronization service. Anyway I did everything as recommended in Installation Guide. The problem is on Configure the FIM sync service account screen. I entered FIM sync service account, password and host name and then I get the error that i need to check that I enetered correct name for account, computer and password. I tried the same thing with some other accounts on my domain and with every account the same problem. The only account that worked (I was just testing) is Administrator(domain admin) account. I tried also joining my FIM sync service account in different groups just for test (domain admins etc...) and that didn't work either. I tried grant FIM sync service account local logon rights, administrative rights, i mean I did everything, and nothing worked. Every time i click Next, i got error that i need to check computer name, user name and password and also that FIM sync service has rights to logon as service. Just for the record I'm installing FIM sync service as first phase after installing all prerequisites (.net framework etc.)... Also, my SQL server is on another domain computer, but i don't think that could be the problem because when entering SQL server computer and instance name, everything work fine. If anyone knows what seems to be the problem, please answer, because it's really starting to gave me headache. I mean this seems to be trivial error but I have no more ideas. Thnx in advance.
February 17th, 2010 8:33pm

Try to use your domain name ( NETBIOS domain name ) instead of computer name.Naohiro Fujie ( MSMVP for ILM )
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February 18th, 2010 3:18am

Hy. Thank you.Yes, that was the problem... I tried all different combinations but obviously forgotten that one.Info for other readers:If you have your domain name for example, your FIM sync service user as FIMsync, you need to enter FIMsync in first field, and Virtual in field where it asks you to enter Service Account Domain or Local Computer Name. So do not enter Local Computer Name because you will see error as i described above.
February 18th, 2010 12:31pm

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