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Welcome to the FIM Suggestion Box! The Suggestion Box is an opportunity for you to provide feedback on items that would help make your experience with FIM even better. Feedback provided via the Suggestion Box can include everything from issues with how FIM works to documentation and scripts. Product related issues - if you are running into a product related bug, please make sure that a tracking item for the issue exists by filing a bug on the connect site. In addition to tracking an issue via a bug, you can use the Suggestion Box to share an issue you have found with the community, which enables others to add comments. You can also use the Suggestion Box to suggest changes to existing feature or new functionality – things you would like to see implemented in a future release of FIM. Documentation related issues - if there is a gap in our documentation landscape or if you are running into incorrect information, please let us know by using the Suggestion Box. Is there something you would like to read about, share your requirement with the community. Script related issues – the objective of the FIM ScriptBox is to make your daily work with FIM simpler and more productive. If you have comments about existing scripts or suggestions for new scripts, the Suggestion Box is the right place to share your feedback. How can I use the FIM Suggestion Box? Initiator Each Suggestion Box item is a regular discussion post on the FIM Forum. If you want to start reporting on a new item, please create a new discussion post and prefix your post with “FIM Suggestion Box:” in the subject. This allows us to identity your post correctly and to add it to the FIM Suggestion Box catalog page. By adding new items to the catalog page, we ensure that your item is discoverable and won’t get lost. Contributor Each Suggestion Box item is open for discussions. Please feel free to reply to an existing item if you would like to share additional information. Voter If you agree with a reported issue, you should use the voting feature of the forum platform to indicate this The vote counter helps us to prioritize the demand for taking care of a reported issue – so, please take advantage of this feature in the context of the Suggestion Box! FIM Suggestion Box Content Calculated or Virtual Bindings UNIFYBob-12/29/2010 What would you like a FIM in-depth article on? Ikrima Elhassan-11/18/2010 Updated FIM Terminology & Glossary including FIM Sync/ ILM 2007 basics Peter Geelen-7/12/2010 About FIM documentation Markus Vilcinskas-7/9/2010 Request for community feedback on FIM docs for Group Management Jeff Staiman-6/1/2010 Step by step guide to custom workflow development CarolW-5/10/2010 Forums Site Statistics and Top Answeres categories Issam Andoni-5/5/2010 Wider browser support, no ActiveX control mdgrkb-4/15/2010 Smart Card generation withoug FIM CM Client mdgrkb-4/15/2010 Automatic attribute flow configuration in the FIM MA Rex Wheeler-3/25/2010 I really need this! Markus Vilcinskas-3/18/2010 Relationship between declarative and non-declartive provisioning Paolo Tedesco -2/24/2010 Method to compare or replicate inbound sync rule attribute flows to FIM MA (and/or other MAs) attribute flow Capriole-2/19/2010 Feedback: Has update 3 failed for you? Let us know on connect Joe Schulman-2/10/2010 GetClientDocument signature has changed in FIM CM mdh2008-1/12/2010 W7, SRV R2 Support, MOSS 2010 YngDiego777 -1/2/2010 Create code project for AD MA bug Steve Mitchell -12/17/2009 Parameters in synchronization rules Paolo Tedesco -12/10/2009 Split of the RCDC reference, Synchronization Filter and Workflow Activities documentation Henrik Nilsson-12/2/2009 Powershell Export-FIMconfig CreatedTime format Steve Mitchell -12/1/2009 FIM - Features/Functionality which could be useful to have Sachin-11/27/2009 FIM Documentation Feedback Sachin-11/19/2009 New MV and FIM DB Object Type - Account Capriole-11/2/2009 Guidance on Deployment Strategies/Topologies Marc Mac Donell-10/24/2009 Improvements and bug fixes in the FIM RC1 Web Service client Paolo Tedesco -10/19/2009 If you are setting up Password Reset Anthony Ho-10/19/2009 Conceptual information about Declarative Provisioning Markus Vilcinskas-10/16/2009 No password reset in the Portal? Opper-10/14/2009
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