FIM Codeplex Powershell & smallest Exch database & provision mailbox
Hi, So I finally have the FIM codeplex activity working and it is provisioning mailboxes correctly. Next, I would like for it to first evaluate exchange & determine which is the smallest db, but how do I pass this $smallExchDB variable (which is the output of the script) to the command 'enable-mailbox -identity domain\username -database '$smallExchDB' This is what I have done: One Workflow: First function populates [//workflowdata/accountname] with the accountName attribute (this works)Second function runs the 'smallest exchange db' script and the last line is: $workflowdata ['smallestDB'] = $identityofsmallEXDB (which contains the correct details, the script itself works)Third function populates [//workflowdata/smallestDB] with CustomExpression [//workflowdata/smallestDB]Fourth function runs the following: enable-mailbox -Identity adatum\$accountName -database '$smallestDB' - both $accountName and $smallestDB are in the first line under param() Should this be working? What steps am I missing? The PostProcessingError is similar to what I have seen before: Type 'System.Management.Automation.RunSpaces.RemotingErrorRecord in assembly... Its almost as if the $workflowdata ['smallestDB'] wasnt populated correctly? thanks, SK
October 3rd, 2012 2:44am

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