FIM 2010 R2 Deprovisioning with Outbound System Scoping Filters
This question is specific to the new Outbound System Scoping Filters in R2 and not the old(er) style MPR, Set and WF. Basically, how do you declaratively disconnect in this scenario? If I have an Outbound SR using Outbound System Scoping Filters, the Enable Deprovisioning option is greyed out. That option only becomes available when the older style MPR, Set and WF choice is used. When the MV object is in scope of the filter it gets successfully provisioned. But when it falls out of scope of the filter it remains connected. There is no provisioning disconnect generated. So I can't deprovision when using scoping filters??    
July 20th, 2012 11:09am

That's right you can't deprovision with the scope SRs - I think the doco is clear on this? To actually delete an object you could still use an outbound SR the original way, where you have to use an MPR and Workflow to attach and then remove the SR. At least I think you'd do that - I'd use a classic rule myself.
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July 23rd, 2012 6:57am

I don't think the documentation is clear on this at all. I had incorrectly assumed the deprovisioning would have been as simple as the provisioning part with an automatic link removal when falling out of scope, or at least the choice to check the Enable Deprovisioning checkbox to turn that piece on. But thanks for the confirmation of what I feared - that this feature can't be used for the full lifecycle management. I'll just add this to the list of functions that FIM doesn't do that we need to manage ourselves through our custom "mini-FIM" implementation. That now includes Object deletes with unmanaged child objectsCross-Domain movesWriting binary formatted attributes like Terminal Services ProfileObject deletes when using Filter Based Outbound Synchronization So since there's already a case where FIM can't delete an object that should be deleted, I may as well keep using the Filter Based OSRs and just handle all of the deletes myself.  
July 23rd, 2012 7:47am

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