Events List and Meeting Workspace in MOSS
HiCan any one tell me what is the use if we integrate a Meeting Workspace with a Calender Event.I know that we can have meeting specific Docs in that Site but can we manage atendees?For eg:If we send a meeting request(from Outlook)with a meeting Workspace integrated to it and if users accept or reject the request,it gets automatically updated in Attendees list.Whether this feature is available if we integrate Event list with meeting Workspace from Sharepoint UI.Please adviceAnother question:If we send Meeting request via outlook with link to Meeting Workspace-It is necessary that the end recepient should have access to the Site ?Because I noticed if the end user doesn't have access to site and Simply Accepts or rejects the Meeting,his request is not updated in the Attendees list.On other hand,if the user has access the attendees list get updatedAny thoughtsthanks,Anu
December 3rd, 2009 11:36am

1. You can invite anyone with a valid e-mail address in the same trusted domain as yourself to Meeting Workspace sites that are created in the trusted domain. SummaryAnyone with an email address listed on their User Account listed in Active Directory, will be added as a Contributor on the Meeting Workspace Once the invitation is sent..-IvanIvan Sanders My LinkedIn Profile, My Blog, @iasanders.
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February 1st, 2010 5:26pm

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