Error on startup

Hi all.

When I start up SharePoint as the first person, it comes up with an error; pressing 'Go back to site' makes it go away and all seems normal, but it would be nice to find out why this is happening in the first place.  

Looking in the ULS logs, I am finding the message below.  Searches on Google have totally failed to find anything related to it.   If anyone can shed any light on what this might be, I will be eternally grateful!



EventID: nbmf        Level: Assert

ULSSendTrace callback raised an exception. location: d:\office\source\util\ulsapi\native\trace.cpp(362)  condition: false  StackTrace:

at onetnative.dll: (sig=45ee5fc0-e66d-4f64-981a-76f25f766f49|2|onetnative.pdb, offset=1A4D1)

at onetnative.dll: (offset=1AA2D)

at onetnative.dll: (offset=3FDF7)

at MSVCR90.dll: (sig=36e1a242-d264-4825-abb9-2edbd4058ca8|1|msvcr90.amd64.pdb, offset=74830)

at MSVCR90.dll: (offset=43B3C)

at ntdll.dll: (sig=dfd01883-749d-4c9c-aa99-0f3d4da003ff|2|ntdll.pdb, offset=4F001)

at onetnative.dll: (sig=45ee5fc0-e66d-4f64-981a-76f25f766f49|2|onetnative.pdb, offset=2FD67)

at onetnative.dll: (offset=2FE29)

at onetnative.dll: (offset=2FEDE)

at onetnative.dll: (offset=301C8)

at onetutil.dll: (sig=8d933bfa-791a-4b3c-b5c3-3be5d979c1b5|2|onetutil.pdb, offset=85469)

at onetutil.dll: (offset=84F49)

at owssvr.dll: (sig=831c1e3b-96f4-46d8-8146-8046387ac6ee|2|owssvr.pdb, offset=9275)

at owssvr.dll: (offset=4915C)

at mscorwks.dll: (sig=0ad1f5d0-db90-458d-8671-64f63e7c3656|1|mscorwks.pdb, offset=2C8E77)

at (unresolved symbol, offset=ECBEB)

at (sig=d93d70cb-3aed-42a6-8954-40bc8e3f4ac2|1|Microsoft.SharePoint.pdb, offset=1B063E2)

at (offset=1AB587D)

at (offset=1AB8A1D)

January 14th, 2014 6:00am

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